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(Updated 2/21/2017)


WOW! WOW! Oh, we were so delighted to find such a fantastic condo with its' fabulous view! It was all you said it would be - and maybe more. The assortment of weather was interesting also: snow, rain, hail, wind and lots of sunshine! We most certainly will return.

Joanne & Mary
It's February in Westport …. Sunshine, hail, serious wind, and then sunshine. Went down to the docks for the best "canned" tuna …. And then to Granny's for fudge and saltwater taffy. Hours of watching the tide come and go. Dinner at a restaurant at the docks and the food was very good. Breakfast at the condo … groceries we'd purchased at the local grocery store and sausage from Bay City sausage store. The waves were impressive! The rainbow was too. Thursday we walked the beach for treasures and while there bagged up some debris that had washed up. Then we took highway 105 to Raymond … for lunch. The next morning the waves were hugh … and brown … full of storm flotsam. In the afternoon the sun was shining on normal waves. The sea foam that was blowing across the beach was amusing. In the evening was a perfect sunset! Clouds stayed away. We watched at low tide as the sun hit the horizon, hissed and sank! It's so peaceful in the winter here! (But then we came without the kids or grandkids) Love the décor, the view, the clock and the mossy lampshade. Great colors. Very comfortable. This condo is now our favorite!

Eric and Marcia
Thank you for another relaxing stay at your beautiful condo - We thoroughly enjoyed the sun after having cold and rain so far this year. We've enjoyed crab from Westport, oysters and clams - Yum! Looking forward to returning in the future.

Burnie & Jan
What a great place you have on the beach! Thank you so much for sharing your "Beach House" with us. We had a great Labor Day weekend and we will be back!

The H's
The marvelous views of the coast and ease of access to the beach were wonderful. We also enjoyed the comfort and convenience associated with your condo. Thanks for all the extras! Our 3 nights turned out to be one of our most memorable vacations!

Marty and Carla
Another wonderful and relaxing weekend! By the way, the note pad works. I found it in the desk drawer and we called for reservations again

Mary Ann and Jim
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing you condo - "Beach House" with us. What a beautiful condo with an amazing view. We have had an absolute blast celebrating our anniversary here at your little piece of "Heaven". A really big thanks for keeping laundry detergent here. Got caught, joyfully, by an incoming wave…… Can't thank you enough - We will be back.

Ed and Marjorie
We arrived in time for the perfect winter time storm - torrential rain and gale-force winds. This condo provided the safety, comfort and tranquility we were seeking. We were mesmerized by the sound of the surf, and strength and beauty of the ocean. Thank you for sharing this condo with us.

The K's
The perfect winter beach getaway spot for a couple of people who really need it! We'll spread the word to our friends.

Denis & Jennifer
Thank you for sharing your lovely condo - what an amazing view! We had a wonderful, relaxing time. And thanks for the "extras".

Matt and Shawn
Another great get-away after the holidays to relax and regenerate our lives for 2016. Thanks for the wonderful few days in a quality condo.

Jerry & Lynn
This still remains our favorite place to stay! Have lost track of how many times we have been here. We must be on the "frequent flyers program". Thank you again and again for your beautiful condo. We already have reservations for next month to bring our friends and celebrate our anniversaries. Thanks

Ron & Carolyn

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